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corylevyart Cory Levy Art



Observing life...

Like plots on a graph, flat planes and contours of attention layer. Points retain observed depth but isolate within vacant space. Curved and tilted steel sheets act as predictive lines


Colors indicate submerged depth by approximating an exposure to moonlight. White is nearest to the surface, while black is the contrary. Steel bars enclose a space that predicts volume and range of motion.

Emotion affects line quality. Swoops and sharp dashes are implications of intensity. Euphoria evokes a reverence for intricacy. The vertical bar reveals variation in pencil line weight. A heavy hand distinguishes bulbous masses. Compact, coin-like shapes appear from subtle tremors while drawing.

Capricious shadows, discoloration, scratches, etc. on the surface of a steel sheet augment with hammer strikes. Surrounding metal stretches towards the point of tension, reacting unpredictably. 

A Dashed Line encapsulates a loss then redirection of visual attention across locations. Both lines taper towards a vacant space, noting that the drawing hand alleviated pencil pressure simultaneously to a brief internal detachment from the outward environment.

Attention is divided by loops and divots, but the eye’s motion is continuous.