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corylevyart Cory Levy Art



Observing life...

I cannot process the entirety of a three-dimensional form. Instead, I focus on various outlines and shapes throughout a subject. Like plots on a graph, flat planes and contours of attention are layered. In the Layers series, each point retains its observed depth but is physically separated by vacant space. Curved and angled steel sheets, act as a predictive line between these points. 

Focus undulates throughout the field of vision, flowing among stimuli. Eyes, body and much of the environment retains a state of continuous motion. I do not strain to reimagine a still frame, nor mimic expected features that give a subject ‘clarity’. Naturally, I draw with the motion. If a person moves an arm, I may rapidly outline their tricep in multiple positions or curve a line to follow their elbow through space.


The quality of lines and speed with which they are applied is affected by present emotion. Excitement often causes swoops and sharp dashes. Euphoria defines feathery interlocking details. The legs of the Butterfly clarify differentiation in pencil line

weight. Heavy-handed segments are distinguished by bulbous masses. The tremble of my hand while drawing is resembled by compact, coin-like shapes.

Shadows projected onto steel’s surface, discoloration, scratches, etc. are outlined with hammered divots. The strikes focus on a specific area, creating a point of tension. Surrounding metal stretches towards it, reacting unpredictably. I define the result.

Attention is divided by loops and divots, but the eye’s motion is continuous.