Cognition is a perception of the present. A variety of stimuli such as bodily senses, thoughts, emotions, and impulses are imposed upon us simultaneously. Internal experience affects the physical traits of observational artwork. Using sculpture as a means to study their relationship reveals the qualities of cognition.     


As someone with Attention Deficit ‘Disorder’ (ADHD), I aim to spread awareness and empathy for people who perceive differently. Recording cognition with art puts the power back into the hands of the individual. The result is a departure from appointed stigmas of mental diversity. Top sites informing about ADHD frame symptoms with a limited perspective and negative connotation.


2020  Denise Bibro Fine Art “Art From the Boros VII” New York, NY

2019  School of Visual Arts Chelsea Gallery “Location as Character” New York, NY

2018  Garment District “Art Elevated” New York, NY

2018  The Art Hub N.Y.C “Masquerade” Brooklyn, NY

2018  The Roots of An Artist “Multicultural Art Expo” Brentwood, NY 

2018  GreenPoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017  The Art Factory, Theatre 294 “Fine Art Exhibition” Farmingdale, NY

2015-2016  Heckscher Museum “Long Island’s Best Alumni Exhibition”, Huntington, NY




2018  Garment District Art Elevated- Finalist 

2016  Long Island’s Best Alumni Exhibition- Placed 4th 

2016  Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts- Honorable Mention

2016  Sayville Advocates for Visual Arts Illustration Award 

2015  Long Island's Best Alumni Exhibition  Finalist




2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2015 Digital Illustration, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Automotive Design, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI 


2019  Cover art for Osa North, Recording Artist "Back 2 School Shopping"

2018  Costume design for Davi Pena, founder of Uptown Studios NY “The Fray Motion Picture” 

2017  Ink caricatures for Anne Kearns Fers, CEO of Gold Star Video Productions “MSC Sid’s Club 2016”

2017  Cover art for Vince Verza, Recording Artist/ Producer “The Fountain of Youth”, “Please” and  “Stop”